Sunday, April 12, 2009

best friends, seriously!!!

these 2 kids have the most unusual relationship and it is going to be amazing to see them grow up together!!! when isaac and maddy get together it is basicly a crapshoot to see what they are feeling that day, for instance if we get together in the evening we are guarenteed a fighting match from both parties for about 30 minutes, but then it turns into a lovefest after that, and then once it gets close to bedtime we are back at either the fight match or crying because one has to leave, are you following me?? well today when we went to the zoo it was a complete lovefest all day!! everywhere maddy went isaac followed, it has been said he would follow her off a bridge, and everywhere isaac went maddy screamed for him because she couldn't find him, and everything one did the other had to do as well, or they would both just run off together giggling and playing "stop/go" here is our day with isaac...
good morning buddy
as soon as maddy was on matts shoulders, isaac was asking chris to get up
acting like polar bears to eachother

as soon as isaac was sitting on on the gate, maddy asked to, but she wasn't as strong as him to hold herself up
posing like lions, best part of the entire day!!! you would have to see madawhoha to completely get the next 3 photos!

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lori bunk said...

i love ALL of those pics. so cute! honestly, they had me laughing all morning in class. they love each other so much and don't care who knows it!


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