Monday, April 6, 2009

20 questions: shower style

so my weekly shower was this afternoon (joking) and of course it isn't as peaceful as it used to be. today it consisted of me playing 20 questions with my 2 year old, please tell me it isn't just me, i say "madeline i am going to take a shower max and ruby are on i will be right back" oh no, the minute the water goes on there she is.....
  1. mommy can i wear this? (a bow for her hair)
  2. mommy can i color this flag pink?
  3. mommy where is my other castle?
  4. mommy can i go get it?
  5. mommy look both my castles in my room
  6. mommy i colored this castle
  7. mommy i color this flag lellow not pink
  8. mommy your phone is ringing (it was nikki by the way calling to apologize for wounding my child while babysitting!)
  9. mommy kissifer crying
  10. mommy look, this castle from aunt lauie
  11. mommy this madeline, scardett, rachey
  12. mommy look buddy, you made this for me (i put his picture in a frame for her in her room)
  13. mommy i poopooed
no joke every 30 seconds she would yell "mommy..." i have no idea how i remembered that many questions!
so just in case you wondering what all the castle talk was here is a picture!


lori bunk said...

sounds all too familiar... except for the castle part... it would be a monster truck.

Jeni said...

she is so cute!!!!!!

April Maus said...

I am laughing out loud right now...for the little amount of sleep you're getting, you sure do remember things! Whenever the kids say something cute, I'm like "Mental note...write that down in their journals," and when I actually sit down, I can never remember it!

nikki galas said...

I did not wound your child!! haha she just thinks its cool to walk with a limp lol, is she still doing it?!? Both kids were heatlhy until you and Lori came home and lost control of them hahah :)


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