Tuesday, March 10, 2009

i get dressed

i remember jaimie posting about drew getting dressed all by himself and laughing, thinking wow i wonder when maddy will start to do that, well it was today!!!
so we are getting ready to go to grandy's and i tell maddy it is time to get dressed, and she proceeds to tell me that she will go get dressed, with a little help, this is her ensemble for the night. she picked out the dress the boots and the hat all on her own!!!


jessie said...

My ? is: did you let her go out in her own special outfit? : )

Jaimie said...

Beautifulll!!! She's so cute:) Ok- don't laugh at me, but how do you insert links in your post...I know it is probably something really simple I am not thinking of - but please share your secret:)

Patti Carollo said...

i love her fashion sense! it takes a-lot of confidence to mix and match a look !!!


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