Friday, March 27, 2009

happy spring

we started our happy spring day this morning we went and got our flower pots and flowers, and headed home to paint our flower pots.
we painted our flower pots (thank heaven for crayola washable paint, it came out of everything) and had a very nice conversation it went something like...

mommy i am hot
no i think you are ok
no i am hot i need my bathing suit
ok we will put your bathing suit on when we are done painting

well she soon forgot about her bathing suit, b/c right after nap time we planted and watered our flowers!! we will keep you updated, we planted zinnias and cosmos, so lets see what pops up!


lori bunk said...

that's so funny- isaac and i just bought flower pots, paint and seeds this week too!!! great minds think alike!

Jaimie said...

that is SUCH a cute idea - you know what I will be doing with Drew soon...thanks!!!

Patti Carollo said...

omgosh~ i love that little girl she always comes up with the funniest little things to say!!! i miss her way too much and you too of that i'm back home if your over this way please drop in!!!

oh and be sure to look at your last few posts i had to catch up on my comments for them!

denise said...

so cute! I need to do that with my three. So the paints wash out of everything? Do they stay on the pots ok?!?


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