Monday, March 30, 2009

binky fairy

well the binky fairy came to our house saturday night, she left madeline a little surprise under her pillow in exchange for her binky!! yes my 2 year old was still taking a binky but in my defense she only took it at night/nap time and that was it, it was not aloud out of bed. well the binky fairy was a huge success, madeline woke up with her surprise and has really only asked about her binky maybe twice. naptime rolled around this afternoon, and she asked for it
i said "the binky fairy took it rememeber?"
she said "oh"
i said "why don't you go get baby bug, you can sleep with baby bug" (her doll that looks like a ladybug)
so off she ran to get babybug, however lady and minnie needed to come too, so we got everyone situated in bed, which took a lot longer than expected, because minnie kept taking madeline's spot, and then lady would fall out of bed, but don't worry everyone is sound asleep now!


scraps_n_stuff said...

hmmm... i've been wondering when to break gigi. maybe i can hold out a few more months and the fairy can come to our house too! if she ever finds it out during the day she sticks that thing in her mouth so fast, too funny. i've always kept it only at sleeping times but she won't go to sleep without it.... :-/

Life with Linda said...

What a great idea! I recall walking one of my kids out to the garbage can On garbage day to throw away the paci.....

Gabe ♥ Hannah said...

oh don't worry about how long she had the binki..... as long as she stops by the time the first permanent teeth on the top start coming in she is fine (approx age 6)
that is the cutest story nina ;)

Sue said...

Hey Nina...I remember Olivia and the Bunky, like yesterday. On her 2nd Birthday she got a doll that took a binky. She never asked for it for herself again, only the one for the doll. Seemed to work...Who knew?


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