Saturday, March 7, 2009

best big sister

i could not ask for a better big sister, than the little girl that i have!! as i ran in the kitchen to get my cereal, i come back in the living room to find her covering her little baby brother with his "buddy" and rubbing his head, while drinking her milk and watching toons. she is now standing right next to him, just rubbing his head, and every once in a while rubs her cheek on his head. she is so gentle with him and she really loves him, i have been truly blessed!!


lori bunk said...

i think that might be the best part! i knew she would love him so much!!

Patti Carollo said...

ADORABLE!! can't wait to see you girls monday and FINALLY!!! meet little Christopher Anthony!

love your new background too!

Jaimie said...

awww...she's so sweet:)


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