Tuesday, February 10, 2009

play by play

ok here is the scoop, i had a great birthday, almost my entire family called me to wish me a happy bday, including uncle gary, while in costa rica!! maddy and i did breakfast at panera with bree and the girls, lunch with my mom at brio, followed by a stroll through partridge creek. keri and alina stopped by to wish me a happy birthday and a very quick play date! matt brought me home an extra special surprise, chocolate cupcakes, courtesy of melanie from his office, they are out of this world, and the pictures do them no justice!!! then it was off to red robin for dinner with the bunks, this included balloons, the restaurant singing to me, and an ice cream sundae maddy shared with me, followed by maddy and poppy making a big mess with all the toys!
all in all a perfect day!


jessie said...

Glad you had a fantastic birthday... you deserve it! : )

scraps_n_stuff said...

so glad it was such a great day. enjoy the rest of your birthday week!

Becca said...

ok, you cant do all these birthday posts without telling us what gifts you got!
loooove the cupcakes!

denise said...

awe, what a great day for you! I agree, you need a birthday gift picture or play by play :)

Rachel said...

that does look likethe perfect day!!! Madelines glasses are so cute. and those cupcakes look heavenly. i love you sooooo much Nina!

Karen said...

What a great day to CELEBRATE! And WHAT fantastic pictures!!!!! I love you!!!


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