Sunday, January 18, 2009

per madeline, part 1

taking a cue from lori, i am starting my series on "quoting my toddler" 
maddy and i woke up early saturday morning to make all the cupcakes and cake for juju's birthday party.  well the plan was to make 2 heart shaped cakes and lots of cupcakes, but the problem came when i realized i only had one pan, so in order to speed things up after one of the cakes came out of the oven, i decided to throw the cake on the front porch to cool down faster, so i could get it out of the pan.

maddy: (looking out the window on the porch at the cake) OH NO! OH NO!
me: what's wrong
maddy: dat goosy squirrel eating cake
me: oh no, matt get the cake!!!
maddy: geez that goosy squirrel


jessie said...

too cute! great idea to keep a record of the adorable things she says. i love looking back over the stuff from when kaylee was 2. this is a great keepsake for you, maddy and all! : )

April Maus said...

Maddy saves the day!! Thank God for our kids being more in the know than we are at times!

lori bunk said...

haha!!!!! so funny!!!

Matt Bunk said...

We threw that cake out if anyone from the party is reading this

Rachel said...

haha. that goosy squirrel

Patti Carollo said...

a goosey squirrel ? yikes thats pretty scary!
way to go Maddy !


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