Sunday, January 4, 2009

my shadow

please note these pics were staged, but all events did actually take place....

maddy: what that momma?
me: curlers
maddy: maddy curlers?
me: you want momma to put curlers in your hair?
maddy: yeah
maddy: maddy brushy teeth momma
me: ok hold on i will get your toothbrush
maddy: brush face momma
me: you want to put makeup on?
maddy: yeah, that one (whichever one i was just about to use, not the one i gave her)  

my 15 minute run out the door system has officially turned into 30 minutes!!!


jallen said...

I understand! Ava loves to do "makeups" with momma:)

Christa said...

wait till you have the next one! Your run out the door in 30 minutes will turn into much more pretty soon!!!!

jessie said...

Kaylee didn't get that girly gene. She can't stand her hair being brushed, hates anything in her hair (like a ponytail), has no interest in make-up... she just wants to be an animal!

Rachel said...

ha. that's soooo cute!


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