Sunday, January 4, 2009

and then we came to the end

well, it is sunday night and matt and i are sitting here watching maddy play, i am thinking of what an AMAZING week i had with my hubby home!!! words can' even begin to express how much i enjoyed having matt home all week!!  tomorrow is back to the grind, waking up early, taking care of maddy, making dinner, laundry, but i have to say for a little over a week, i was spoiled!!  maddy slept in every morning, probably because we wore her out, matt and i read books, we watched 30 rock, kept the house clean, cleaned the toy room, i watched my 2 favorites wrestle practically every morning, went out to a great dinner and movie for new years and never once for a second got irritated or annoyed with each other.  i even managed to make his blog!  here are just a few pics from our week, they are just of maddy, but we enjoyed so much just watching, playing, and running errands with her!


lori bunk said...

i know!!!! i don't want things to go back to normal either! how can we make millions of dollars so our husbands can stay home every day?

Patti Carollo said...

i sure do miss that lil cutie !


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