Thursday, December 4, 2008

what will bunkers be??!!

ok everyone, this is going to be way fun!! my aunt karen found this funny site where we can have an online pool about what this little thing inside of me is!! so lets see how many of you cast your vote and when the baby comes matt and i will have a special little something for the winner!!!
so check out the little widget on the side of my page and cast your vote!!

i want everyone to vote, even if you don't comment on the blog (mom, dad and bunks!)


Keri Sheerer said...

it registered my name before i had time to guess - my real guess is the one with my full name - i dont know how to delete the other one. btw - thanks for the snickerdoodles - they were beyond wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!

lori bunk said...

thanks for my snickerdoodles too... i was so shocked when you gave them to me and ate 2 during tour #5! you're the best!


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