Tuesday, December 30, 2008

thank you matty!

my hubby has been home from work for quite a few days now, and i have to say i am LOVING every minute of it!!!  we have been having the best week!  we have already hit up the library, partridge creek and somerset, i am sure costco is in our near future, on top of date night tomorrow night!  but i do have to say the best part of the week has been all the fun we have been having at home; mrs. potato head, hide and seek, the jungle book, reading during nap time, king of queens re-runs, starting up 30 rock, and lots of snuggling!!  i have been in desperate need of some love and attention and i am getting the full treatment, he even took maddy out for a couple hours this morning so i could have some alone time!!  thank you matty for being the best!!


April Maus said...

oh I just love that...don't you feel so pampered right now?! Good job to the hubby!! And Nina, soak it up while you've got it!

Rachel said...

Matt is such a good dad. And i even thought that before reading this blog.


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