Tuesday, December 23, 2008

a girl after every mans heart!

seriously who wouldn't love a girl that can put down some ribs off the bone, she isn't ashamed! i have to admit it was pretty funny when she said more and chris's jaw dropped, like she actually ate it all!!

we had my father-in-law's and chris's christmas party this afternoon, all the kids came, we had ribs, m&m's, fishies and presents!! it was a great afternoon. a few highlights included marv drinking his first juice box ever, he didn't know you aren't supposed to squeeze them and of course all the kids got some work done after lunch!


jessie said...

that last pic of the kids on the office phones... so adorable!

Life with Linda said...

Love it! YAY MARV!!! I bought those for the kids for a hundred years ... and every time I put the straw in...I spilled!

Jeni said...

i'm with coach jessie (sorry ... it's still weird not calling her that LOL) .... that last picture is sooooooooo cute!!!!!!

lori bunk said...

you got the best pics... mine were pretty lame, with the exception of a pic i got of maddie opening her gift. it's so cute... i'll have to send it to you.


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