Monday, December 29, 2008


someone once told me to just video my kids talking, because one day they are going to get older and love to watch the videos and laugh.  
she said her teenage girls will pull out old videos of themselves and just laugh!  
so seriously, i am so happy i took her advice today!!! 


lori bunk said...

chris and i were cracking up watching this... so great!

Rachel said...

sayyy rachel!! haha. jk. she is soooo cute. alfredo!

Life with Linda said...

dare I ask about...maddy's pronounciation of
Pirogi, pączek or Golabki

denise said...

Nina, I LOVE your laugh in this video! So cute :)

hisbelovedlizc said...

she is the most adorable thing! I still say she looks just like a female version of Kellen!

Valerina said...

thats my favorite video of all time!and i think you know why!

Karen said...

Okay, my favorite part of this video is that she threw my name out there without being asked for it!!!! WHEEEEE!!!! She is way too cute and smart too (she said Gary then knew Karen was right behind it!).
Love you all -- missed catching up on these blogs!


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