Tuesday, December 16, 2008


today was my families annual cookie exchange, it was nothing short of wonderful!! we had such a great time with the exception that hannah, bethany, christa and shalene couldn't be there. my mom made the most amazing lunch: pear vinigaeratte salad (lori this might be your new death row) veal with some cherry sauce (i didn't like the cherry sauce but everyone else raved over it), aunt lauries delicious rice, and some carrot and asparagus thingy. my mom said she officially has a new found respect for aunt laurie for putting it on every year. we had tons of fun and got tons of cookies. here are a few pics, nothing amazing but hannah wanted to see pics.

2 hard workers taking a little picture break!

aunt diane with nana and katie carollo, they loved her "not approved cookies"

cute rachel, she wouldn't let me lift a thing, i think she thinks i am an invalid since i am prego!

half of the party (judy, mom, me, amber, aunt karen, aunt laurie & donette)


Gabe ♥ Hannah said...

actually maybe i don't want to see pics... i'm sooo homesick to be there for all the christmas parties!!! looks like you had so much fun! i really really missed being there today! xox love you and i'll be seeing you and lil maddie on saturday?? hope i do! xo

jessie said...

hmmm, Aunt Karen looks a lot like Aunt Diane, doesn't she?!?!?! ; )

Karen said...

That IS Diane! I think I'm the one who's not usually in the pics (I think cause I'm always taking them!)


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