Wednesday, December 10, 2008

confessions of a desperate housewife #2

i can't help that after a busy morning i need time to journal and catch up on my soaps!!


cj ROLLO said...

NINAAAA! so i've been quite behind on the whole blog ordeal and i'm stopping by to say that maddy does the best robot attempt i've seen in all my 19 years :) she is wayyy too cute! i miss you both!! also what will bunkers be is so cool!!! i guessed 9lbs 11oz because thats how big i was, believe it or not!!! and feb 21st because i was born on april 21st :) cant wait to see what baby bunk #2 will be!!!

April Maus said...

I LOVE this!! You are too cute Nina...and Maddy is adorable!


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