Sunday, December 14, 2008

1 guy

this little girl is madly in love with someone, don't ask how it happened, but it did.  please don't get me wrong, i know she loves her papa/poppy/daddy/george/teeny, but this love comes from me, because i remember growing up being in love with each of my uncles differently, believe me i had my favorites, and they all probably knew i always wanted to be around them.  i mean i still get excited to see them, i get excited when uncle mike calls me from work or when i get to see my uncle gary at a party or holiday.  
so i LOVE... 
  • that during a house full of people, she wanted to crawl behind the couch and hide with uncle "kiss"  
  • that she wants to sit right next to him during the gift
  • that when we say "lets go see buddy (isaac)" she says "kiss too"
  • that every sunday/wednesday before we are even aloud to leave we have to go and see uncle kiss in the sound booth, and believe there have been fits when i tried to leave before seeing him.
so thank you chris!  


lori bunk said...

i think this is my favorite post ever!

lori bunk said...

uncle kiss said that this is the 1st blog worth commenting on.

Kathy said...

Irene & Amy grew up being in love with my brother Pat. They learned so much from him...acting, bowing. The story of the Good Samariatin and if you didn't share, the next Oreo cookie you bit into may have horseradish in it....ask Irene, she can tell you all about it.

Rachel said...

ha. that's so cute.


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