Wednesday, November 5, 2008

oh the things you will do

maddy and i met aunt patti for breakfast at panera this morn!! late as usual because we couldn't help but play in the leaves on such a gorgeous morning! these 2 are so in love with eachother, and i have to admit i am quite fond of aunt patti as well!!! we had such a great time and by the looks of the pics, we can pretty much get aunt patti to act pretty goofy for maddy!! patti, thank you so much for everything this morn, we had such a great time!! i love you so much!


Patti Carollo said...

it was so cute when i heard Maddy call out for me "Potty Potty" i love you girls both sooo much!!! time goes by so quickly because we're trying to fit everything in before its time to leave i think we need to have a slumber party don't you??

Matt Bunk said...

I see Maddy got her nails done this morning at Mommy's Nail Boutique.

Patti Carollo said...

umm matt~they are not nails they are "PRETTIES!" just an FYI
and p.s. i love your girls!!! A-LOT!

lori bunk said...

i know! i kept asking isaac too and after awhile he rolled his eyes, but did it anyways... they are getting so big!


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