Wednesday, November 5, 2008

i help momma

there is one thing that i am loving right now and that is "i help momma"
anytime maddy sees me in the kitchen she pushes a chair up against the sink and climbs up and says "i help momma". i have to say i am loving that she dug her fingers in all the cupcakes saturday while trying to put sprinkles on, and while cleaning cups, she got bubbles everywhere, and that even though she will probably break the dishwasher, she climbs up and stands on it and hands me the items in it!
then after all that work she will push her chair back to the table. i love my little helper!!
what else can i have her help me with??


denise said...

putting clothes from the washer to the dryer (front load washer) or pile them on the dryer drawer for her to push in; put silverware in the right drawer, bring extra stuff in from the "storage area" (that is our garage) and put them away - like diapers, kleenex, tp, napkins, etc; line up the kitchen chairs, match socks; fold towels & washcloths; close doors behind you; get and put away wipes when needed.... that is all I can think of off the top of my head! :)

Karen said...

Even at her age, she can spot clean your floor too! Give her a rag with a little vinegar and water on it or whatever you use to clean your kitchen floor, and have her find all the spots. WHATEVER you do, don't do it alone any more -- enlist her help! And keep it fun so she ENJOYS it! We loved "whistle while you work" and pretending we were Snow White!


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