Saturday, November 15, 2008

guitars, dumbo, cucaracha, and LOTS of sugar

the title pretty much sums up our weekend.
friday night we got guitar lessons from daddy, saturday we saw the crazy aunt from phoenix with a special little gift from cancun, nana and papa took maddy and scarlett to the circus for 3 hours!!!!! they loved every minute of it, and then we were off to chris/lori's for more family time with the crazy aunt, and in bed by 11 on saturday night, what a weekend, lets hope someone sleeps in a little bit tomorrow morning!!!


Kathy said...

Wasn't Maddy a monkey for The Fall Frenzy? Well, no more monkeys jumping on the bed! I sure Spiderman started it though.

lori bunk said...

haha... that dress is hilarious! i think she should wear it to church!

Rachel said...

Madeline is sooooo cute. Isaac's cute too. But Madeline is soooooo cute!!!


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