Sunday, October 19, 2008

i'm here

so we went up north for the weekend, we left thursday night and got back this afternoon.  here are the highlights!

we drove to petosky, shopped walked along this extremely long pier, and had a delicious lunch

we roamed the golf course behind our condo for golfballs

we dug for books, in this amazing used book store, where you do literally have to dig, i was on my knees, but i found some great berenstain bears, richard scary, and mercer mayer books for maddy!

played chess and perused the farmers market

watched movies and read!

all in all a fun filled relaxing weekend!!
in closing, i need to give mad props to my mom and dad and matt's mom and dad!!  they shared maddy and gave us a break, thank you so much, we would be lost without you guys, you mean so much to us!!

oh one more thing, i totally missed fun friday, but don't worry my awesome sister-in-law took it over for me while i was gone, so if you didn't already answer check it out!! it is a GREAT one this week!!! 


Karen said...

Awesome book shots -- fall is so awesome to go up north and look around! We'll be doing that together soon! Can't wait!

victoria said...

Isn't Petoskey wonderful! It's one of my favorite spots in Michigan - especially in the fall!


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