Thursday, October 9, 2008

happy mail!!!!!

today as i opened the mailbox, i noticed a strange blue envelope addressed to maddy! we (she) got happy mail, from her bff alina. in case you forgot maddy and alina had a little play date last week. so in return, maddy got happy mail from alina (keri) she loves her new book, and i have to say i am even more in love with it, keri knew i would flip over it too!!
Fancy Nancy's Favorite Fancy Words, it is just to cute for words, i have actually been wanting to get maddy the whole fancy nancy series and this just made my day!
keri is such a great friend, i couldn't ask for a better one, God has truly blessed both of us with adorable little girls and they are so close i can only hope and pray they will grow up to be as good of friends as keri and i!

here is just a small insert from the book...
U is for understated
my mom wears such understated clothes

I love it!!!!


Keri Sheerer said...

yaaa - im glad u got ur mail!! I was also thanking God that I have you as a friend in my life!!!! I also love that our girls are gonna grow up together!!

Karen said...

Madeline looks SO ADORABLE in her little chair reading! Makes me want to do the same! Love to all of you! Aunt Karen

denise said...

how cute! since I am not fancy (nor do I have the time to be fancy), that must be the reason why God gave me boys. He knew I wasn't fancy enough to raise a girlie girl! lol.


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