Friday, October 31, 2008

fun friday #5

genie in a bottle...
if you had a little genie in a bottle, what would your 3 wishes be??

mine are extremely petty, only because i am pregnant and in need of tlc!

  1. i would wish for a live in hair stylist, i don't need my hair washed, but it sure would be nice to have it blown out every other day, at least during my 9 months of baby brewing!
  2. i would wish for an endless supply of reeses peanut butter cups, but only the seasonal packages, like fall, christmas, and valentines, because when they are seasonal bags, you should be guaranteed freshness!
  3. i would wish (although this is more of a prayer) that God would show himself more real to me, and guide me into being a better mother/wife, so i could be that Godly example for my kids! (this should really be #1!!)
and if by some random fluke i lucked out and got a 4th wish....
i would love a louis vuitton monogram canvas neverfull mm

well hit me up, what would you wish for??


Life with Linda said...

1. To be slender
2. That all would come to a saving knowledge of Jeusus Christ.

lori bunk said...

1. that my hair would never have roots
2. that i could have 3 more kids without having to go thru the pregnancy
3. to have enough money to go on vacation whenever we wanted

btw... i was going to surprise you and get you that louis vuitton for your bday, but now that you know i'll have to think of something else... bummer.

chipman said...

1. I wish my grandchildren lived RIGHT next door, that way we could have breakfast, fun time, Love-club meetings (a tradition passed down from Nana #1, which I will start up) 24-7. (Their parents can still stay at their own houses)
2. I wish my dearest bestest friend Julie lived back here. I miss her sooo much.
3. I wish I could change someones life for the better, every day that I live.

Gabe ♥ Hannah said...

1. to eat anything i wanted without every getting a stomach ache or having to hit the gym able able to afford volunteering my work instead of "trying to make a living"
3. to spend more time with my family and friends


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