Friday, October 3, 2008

friday i'm in love again!

friday nights are usually our family nights, we usually do dinner and then hang. this week has been hectic and crazy, matt has been working till 1 am every night and maddy and i are just exhausted. well tonight, by fluke matt got out of work at 6 however my slave driver of a boss (totally joking!!) kept me until 7! so our family night began at 8! it mostly consisted of jumping on the bed and hiding under the covers, but it was perfect for the week we have had!!!


Karen said...

Oh my goodness -- I just posted my raising children blogspot for tomorrow's post with "Family Night" as the topic -- you knew where I was headed before I even did! Good job you guys! Great tradition! Obviously we're in the same family!

Life with Linda said...

We had family nights after we realized that Bob & I had gone a month without both of us being home with the kids due to church duties. These were the best times with our kids...we'd do a devotion then an game to reinforce it...and almost always ended with Hide N' seek!


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