Thursday, October 30, 2008

deeeeeeeetroit basketball

matt and i had the best date night in a long time!! we went to the pistons season opener!! just like when we go to any pistons game we got b-dubs for dindin and had a riot. he had me laughing all night!! it was so much fun!! my aunt karen was there and got a cute lil pic of us check it here
it was just nice to have a stress free evening and not have a care in the world!!!


Life with Linda said...

Your blog made me remember, with amuzement, that when Sarah played VB at SEU, they would announce her that way....DEEEEEEEEEETROIT VOLLEYBALLLLLLLLL, Sarah maus!

Patti Carollo said...

glad you two had Deeeeetroit FUN!! an added bonus too is that they WON!!!

p.s. i saw the pic very cute it looks like your having a good time...i hope you got on the kissss cam!!!


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