Saturday, October 11, 2008

6 reasons

per keri
my 6 reasons maddy is just like her daddy!
  • they have the same little furrowed scowl
  • they have the same cute smile
  • they both love to play in the dirt/sand
  • they both have wild and crazy hair
  • together they can devour a bag of cheezits/tostitos/goldfish
  • i have no idea what they are saying half the time, but they both have the cutest facial expressions saying it!
  • they both hate wearing pants at home
  • they make me smile when they walk in a room!


Karen said...

I agree with ALL of them! Love to all! Aunt Karen

Keri Sheerer said...

good list!! i am so happy i FINALLY figured out how to change my background on my blog!!

denise said...

I laughed out LOUD at the pants part! :)


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