Sunday, October 5, 2008

2 more reasons!

here are just 2 more reasons i love my little shay!! we have been missing each other all weekend, finally she brought me over my new little fall friends, we still missed each other so i got a little surprise in the mailbox when i got home from lunch:
  • yes...i can-can
  • royal rajah ruby
she is the bestest little friend/cousin a girl like me could ever have, i love her more than anything!! we try to do a little olga's date every other week if possible, which means we are about due this week! she is far too cute to be as busy as she is with work and school, it all interferes with her social life!


~d said...

uh.... i hope she paid for those LOL!!!!

Karen said...

Shalene is so amazing. Her sweet uplifting spirit and generosity spills over to anyone she is near. She is a little music note waltzing in and out my door & I am so glad to see her whenever she can stop by! I love your post, Nina -- you appreciate everyone SO MUCH!


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