Monday, September 8, 2008

today's lunch special!

so this morning maddy and i went grocery shopping, and scooby doo shaped mac and cheese was on sale, i never buy it, it is usually the more expensive kind. so today we had a little treat! as i started preparing lunch here is our convo...

me - maddy you want scooby doo mac & cheese, look it is the ruff ruff
maddy - ruff ruff cheese? momma ruff ruff cheese?
me - yeah ruff ruff cheese
maddy - momma ruff ruff cheese!!!

so until it was made all i heard was "momma, ruff ruff cheese?" so i send her outside with a little snack and she still yells to me through the window "momma, ruff ruff cheese??"
needless to say, we are devouring our ruff ruff cheese right now!



lori bunk said...

that's really cute!!! i can hear her saying it in my head.

Christa said...

Okay! I was just telling Josiah how excited I am to see you!!!


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