Friday, September 26, 2008


so i am totally stumped, i have nothing exciting to talk about!!! there is nothing going on around here!!!
so here is the skinny on what has been going on

  • matt went back to work this week, he jumped right back into the swing of things working late already!
  • started my christmas shopping this week - if i have to go shopping in december being 8 months pregnant i will go nuts! and i must say i got a good headstart!
  • hung with yvette one morning, maddy and cameron's love is blossoming quite beautifully!
  • i go for my ultrasound this monday! although, i don't think we will be finding out what it is (but still excited about that)
  • got to talk to my little hannah for 1/2 hour on the phone, uninterrupted!! i love her so much!
  • had lunch with shalene, then spent the whole afternoon laying on the couch just talking and laughing while maddy took her nap!
  • got to see jesse in running mode again, he ran 6 miles and ended at nana/papa house, he is to cute for words!
  • my poor little brother tony has to get surgery on his foot, i guess him and jesse were playing basketball and he fell on his foot and tore a bunch of ligaments! he has a soft cast on now, and i think surgery should be sometime in the next week or so!! poor tony! but don't worry i will totally capitalize on it and get some pics for the blog!

so there it is my week in a nutshell!
what did you do???
leave me a comment, would love to hear how your week went!


jessie said...

Not so sure I care to see pictures of Tony's feet! Yuk! I'm sure Girgenti feet are beautiful and all, but I'm not willing to take any chances! ha ha!

Since you are low on ideas these days, how about another meme or blog game? I'm up for it!

Karen said...

Well, so much for my visit to cheer Matt up...

Maybe I'll shoot for a visit and a Scrabble game soon??

Love ya, Aunt Karen


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