Tuesday, September 30, 2008


in this house there are 4 things that equal "pretties"
  • makeup
    • don't ask me how we got into makeup already, i think in a moment of trying to rush out the door i just let her play with the blush brush.
  • nail polish
    • now as i sit on the coach and do my nails, i have a little shadow crawl up next to me and put her hands up on the table and say "pretties momma, pretties"
  • hair bows
    • another desperate attempt to get out the door on a sunday morning, the bow goes in my hair first then madelines hair
  • jewelry
    • i have no idea where this one even came from, but last night as maddy was sitting on my lap, she pulls on my necklace and says "ooohhh pretty momma"
    • however shalene and i did notice she has very good taste, b/c she didn't want to let go of shay's tarina bracelet, she wore it all afternoon!!!


Life with Linda said...

Sarah also had a taste for fine jewelry...unfortunatly...she swallowed a ring when she was 3...It got stuck in her esophogus and she needed emergency surgery to remove it...yeah....

Gabe ♥ Hannah said...

ohhh first of all... i love the favor ideas for the shower! thank you for sharing!!! wedding planning is too much fun... esp when we have sooo much time to pick cute things out... we have a shower date in mind...and it is a lil early from the wedding...but i like it better that way ;)

second of all... this is cute squisher is going to be the queen of style... esp with cousins like shay and a mommi.... like you ;)

lucky lil girl... i might say.. okay so i'm going to try to call you TONIGHT to plan this other lil b-day bash...

Jeni said...

toooooooo cute!

& yes, you will have to come baby proof ;) love

Patti Carollo said...

a girl after my <3 i see some pretties coming for bday!


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