Wednesday, September 17, 2008

operation turkey baster: day 3

cider, donuts, bees, olgas, no nap, and "the ruff ruff's"
matt woke up feeling pretty good today, he could actually sit up in bed, so maddy and i decided to meet bree and the girls at yates for a mid morning snacker!!  30 million bees later, we decided they could eat donuts some other time and just let them run around the park instead!!!  after the cider mill i stopped by aunt karens for literally 1 minutes, got the royal tour of their freshly painted crib and even a little 2 minute photo shoot, literally!!  one take out plate for the hubby a whole bowl of fruit and a peacock feather for maddy and we were on the road again!!  next stop, olga's for the little patient, apparently now that i can't eat feta, matt has learned to love olga's, i'm not sure why he didn't like it the past 22 months when i could order a olga salad with extra feta and olives!!  well after a NO NAP afternoon(i don't think i have to go into much detail on what a NO NAP afternoon entails!!!), we are winding down with the "ruff ruff's" (lady and the tramp) and then off to bed for the little miss!!! 

1 comment:

Karen said...

I was SO HAPPY to be included in this happy day! Your visit was a breath of fresh air! Love you all!


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