Saturday, September 13, 2008


wedding season has come to an end!!! and as much as i love seeing my beautiful family and friends get married, i sure am even more glad to retire that dress i wore to every wedding this year!!! let me say in my defense, i hate shopping for dresses, so i came across a little steal at the gap, back in February (ok a huge steal! my dress only cost $1.97) i thought well i can wear it to 1 or 2 weddings and i will find something else, wrong!!! i didn't get around to finding something else until a week before angela's wedding!! and when it came in the mail ( it looked horrendous!!! so long story short, happy retirement dress, if i never wear it again i will be one happy girl!!!

ps in case you are wondering, yes that was last night at the wedding!! yes i know my hair looks like a giant rats nest, but you sit in 80 degree humidity for 6 hours straight! and just in case you couldn't remember that is the infamous dress!!


Rachel said...

i could never get tired of that dress on you.!. you always look soooo beautiful.

Annabella said...

You are really gorgeous. Well, it sounds amazing that you got a dress only at $1.97.


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