Saturday, September 13, 2008

friday i'm in love part 2

angela's wedding was last night!! and i feel horrible, but i don't have a single pic of her, and i wish i did, i never in my life saw a more beautiful dress!!! it was stunning!!!!! the wedding was beautiful, caught up with old friends and all the cousins, however, i didn't take very many pics sorry to say!! if you want all the juicy details of the night, call me!

the pic from the previous post is of bree, katie (tony's adorable gf, who i just adore!!) and i!

the handsome father of the bride, what a speech he gave!!!

a classic shot of bree, amanda, and i, i mean we took the same pic at every wedding!


1 comment:

jessie said...

I was so counting on you to nab a picture of Ang for my blog! tsk tsk!


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