Saturday, September 20, 2008


remember how i told you this well here are the results!!! 
oh how i love my aunt karen's camera and backyard!!!!
these are only four of the 20 she sent me!!!  can't wait to have her do maddy's 2 year pics!!!


Jaimie said...

I can't blame you for wanting to brag...these pictures are adorable!!!

aunt nancy said...

I'll take 2 5x7"s!!!!!!

Life with Linda said...

adorable. simply adorable.

lori bunk said...

everytime i see that little girl i want to squish her cheeks!

Karen said...

This little dollie is a natural model! She is ALWAYS SMILING -- and if you can stop the BLUR of activity you're all set! I love being her personal photographer!

jessie said...

I wish there was a better word than ADORABLE. OH MY GOODNESS!!!


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