Saturday, August 9, 2008

some of my favoritest people!

tonight was matthew and lisa's wedding!!! it was so much fun! my entire family was there, it was like a family reunion in the church, we wer the loudest 2 rows in there. anyway the ceremony was beautifl and the reception was a blast, here are some pics. i also have a video, i'll post it later, but to keep you in suspense, it is the best moment of the night, just wait!!!!!

the happy couple

yum, the dessert table, chocolate fountain!

the best man, he gave a great speech!!!

aunt laurie and her 2nd plate of chocolate strawberries, pd!!!

george and kacie on the dance floor, i don't know what got into george, we never saw him out on the dance floor as much as last night, and the funniest was when kacie fell and he fell on top of her, we are still laughing about it!

uncle mike showing me his moves!  i love him so much!

is this the best looking crowd you have ever seen or what??  all of my amazing cousins, i love them soo much!

j-bud and i, are you happy jesse, i love you, can't wait for next week!!!!

kacie got everyone on the dancefloor!!!  

all the girls striking a pose

uncle mike with matt and george, getting close to the end of the night

rachel and i, last pic of the night, you should have seen how beautiful she looked!!  


Rachel said...

i'm in suspese.!. haha. you took some amazing pics, i came on the computer this morning and was like "i bet Nina already updated her blog" ( even though i just woke up). sure enough. you did. i love you soooo much.!.

Christa Robinet said...

omg, nina you look beautiful!!!

Keri Sheerer said...

I agree with Christa - you looked amazing - Im so jealous of ur tan!!!

Life with Linda said...

CONGRATS to all!
Great family times you've had lately! I love your family too!

Patricia said...

omg...Nina!!!!!You are the cutest....We should have a Family newspaper and you must be the Editor!!! The wedding was so much Fun... The aching bones I have today are worth doing the "Twist" last night...Papa did'nt get to swing you around the dance floor last night, so be prepared for Friday...Love you bunches Nana

Gabe ♥ Hannah said...

I love u so much Nina!! U looked so tan and beautiful and I'm so happy you took all these cute pics!!! We do have such a loud dun AMAZING bunch of people in our family!! Can't wait for the next one!!! Oh... That is THIS friday!! Hehe


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