Friday, August 15, 2008

repeat post, but i can't help it

the other night maddy and i were waiting at home to go pick matt up from the airport, and in order to keep her up at like 9:30 i popped in OUR favorite movie "meet the robinson's" i don't know why, but every time i put it in, i can always sit and watch it with her, and i have to say i am getting to the point were i quote lines to matt, but for some reason i can't get sick of it! maybe it is that hormonal pregnancy coming out, but i just love that movie, and i always cry at the very end, don't ask why i just do!! if you haven't seen it, definitely rent or buy it, i don't think i can loan mine out anytime soon otherwise i would! so back to the other night, we usually don't get through the entire movie, but her and i both sat and watched the whole movie together, it had to of been one of the nicest nights i've had in awhile, especially after a crazy week, it was nice to cuddle on the couch with my little miss! and in case you missed it here is my first post about the movie!

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Keri Sheerer said...

Ya that movie is ok but im sure maddy liked barnyard better...remember??? Theres that cute lil chick named maddy :)lol - ok so its not better but the chicky sure is cute just like maddy :)


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