Monday, August 18, 2008

just a few of my new favorite things...

lingo (just a few)

"a bite?" - want a bite mommy, while outstretching a cheez-it in my face
"i see me baby" - come see my baby, while reaching for my belly
"heee me momma" - help me momma
"pstt pstt" - prtending to spit as she brushes her teeth next to me EVERY morning
"my cheeese, my cheese" - my camera, my camera (usually followed by heeee me momma)


only in dreams by paul frank
bible story favorites, a fun goofy eyes book
pooh just be nice...and not to rough
dora discovers: colors, numbers, shapes and letters
the beginning bible - bedtime stories


Life with Linda said...

make sure you write this stuff down in your journal or babybook...believe it or not...someday it will be hard to remember...and you'll want to share it with maddy when she's a mommy too!

zene said...

Did you forget Hello Kitty?

Neva said...

People should read this.


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