Monday, August 25, 2008

just another reason!

here is just another reason why i love my hubby more than life itself!!  
here is the blog him and i read virtually 3 times a day if not more...

and here is his comment to our friend 

matt bunk
8/25/08 @ 10:27 am
my wife does virtually everything except the lawn work, which i handle.  but the most important thing i do for her is...i kill the spiders.  never underestimate how important being the spider slayer is to your wife.  if you lay the arachnid smack down every once and a while, you'll always be her knight in shining armor.

he doesn't think i notice these kinds of things (by which i mean, his cute little comments), but i do!!  especially after arguing all weekend about these sort of things!!  and let me say, i can always count on him to run in the room and kill one for me, even if he has just sat down after moving all day/night!

i love you matt bunk!


We Love to Run! said...

whata cute post... i love how IN LOVE you both are! xo

Life with Linda said...

alas...I am the spider slayer in my famiy..I am not afraid.

Kimberly said...

That is such an important job!! My husband kills the bees and I kill the spiders. We make a great team too :)

Keri Sheerer said...

Tommy and I fight over who kills the spiders. I usually win.


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