Saturday, August 16, 2008

friday, i'm in love!

rachel and i hung out in the afternoon, we had tons of fun, i told her she can see what i do when i don't have madeline with me, and well we laid on the couch until we had to get ready, and then we raced to get ready!
jesse and amber's wedding was amazing, i barely got any pics, i don't know why, but here is what i got! sorry! the royal park was beautiful!!!! we had a great time!  

aunt karen looked absolutley amazing!!!

how cute is this little squish face!

rachel reading a poem, she didn't mess up once! she did sooo good

how gorgeous are they??!!!

they both were glowing the whole night!

how gorgeous is that dress!!!!!

in closing, patti and i


Patti Carollo said...

a beautiful wedding~a fun reception~all with such awesome people~i love you nina~can't wait until the next wedding!!!

Christa Robinet said...

What is this like your 3rd wedding??? This must have been a very expensive summer for you!!!

jessie said...

LOVE the post title... very clever! It was nice spending time with you at the wedding. You have an infectious smile! : )

Gabe ♥ Hannah said...

i love that your hair is getting so long nina!! (it is super cute short) but i love the length!!!


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