Sunday, August 24, 2008

forgot the camera

so to see our saturday night you need to go here!! (it's only 40 sec. and you will definitely enjoy!!!)

pei wei take out for chis, lori, matt and i, walked to get ice cream with the kiddies in tow, a fun filled trip to the salvation army for matt bunk, bought nothing, walked back, chef chris prepared popcorn on the stove, lots of deep discussion, and then a concert in the living room.  

the joys of great family!!!  and still no baby!!!!  

1 comment:

lori bunk said...

you forgot the part where isaac decided maddy needed to be disciplined and spanked her on the butt. thank you guys so much for last night, it was so much fun! (i ate the rest of my pei wei at 2am! so good!!!)


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