Friday, August 1, 2008

days 5 & 6

sorry, no posts for a couple of days, we have been pretty busy, we did breakfast with my parents on wednesday, and then took a drive over to torrey pines (apparently this golf course is a pretty big deal) then we met one of my friends for lunch, the best mexican i have had!!! thursday we did the beach all day, it was a perfect day, madeline went in the ocean with my dad for at least 45 minutes, it was so cute she loved it, i forgot the camera in the car, sorry!! here are a few pics from the last couple of days.


Patti Carollo said...

oh my gosh! how CUTE is Maddy on the surfboard table!!! so cute~looks like the famiy is having a BLAST
and your Mom, and Dad no words to express my love!!!

lori bunk said...

you honestly cannot get more cute than that surfboard pic (i'm sure matt took that one). I LOVE IT!!! you should send that in to a contest or something.


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