Sunday, August 3, 2008

day 7: just an average saturday

today was just an average saturday for us. we went shopping in downtown carlsbad, got delicious mexican for lunch, came back for a nap, threw tempertantrums (not mentioning any names, madeline the pic below shows the start of it with her glasses on the ground) went for a drive to solano beach and del mar,  dinner at in n' out (which by the way at 6:20 pm you aren't exactly in n' out!!!), and then ended the day in the ocean until dark (literally, i think george, tony, and matt were the last 3 out of the ocean)

* not the greatest of maddy, but better than the other one!!  


Rachel said...

Awe. Madeline is so cute, and i love her pink pants.!. i miss you guys already

Patricia said...

Nina Dear...Our vacation with you, Matthew and Madeline was a wonderl\full time... It dos'nt get any better than this...On vacation with your children ...your grand-children and your Great grandchildren. What a blessing.....Thanks for the memories....Nana


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