Thursday, July 10, 2008

zoo and fireworks what a day!

we went to the zoo yesterday morning with my aunt laurie, rachel, mikey, and judy. it was a riot, got there when it first opened and hit all the animals we knew we wanted to see. the monkeys and kangaroos were a bunch of duds! the polar bears and sea lions were great! so were the peacocks and ducks! madeline loved chasing the duck family down the sidewalk. it couldn't have been more perfect!

so after a long nap, maddy and i went to christa and josiah's for the clinton twp. fireworks (matt met us there after church) madeline and carly had so much fun together jumping, sharing fruit, and playing with all of carly's toys. we had such a great time, and madeline was a trooper she stayed out until 10:30. we have to start training her for those long cali days!!

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Matt Bunk said...

She loves ducks so much. That was here favorite part of Disney world too. Probably because it was the first word we tried to teach her. That little rubber duck in the bath tub. Everyday I would ask her the name. Duck. Duck. Duck. I love her.


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