Saturday, July 5, 2008

uncle mike

he is going to kill me for dedicating a whole post to him, but it is so worth it! my uncle mike happens to be one of the funniest, funnest, kind and loving men i know, he has the funniest sense of humor and he absolutely adores our daughter (whether he tells you or not)

like i said he is the funnest to be around, he brought over kites to the budz on the 4th and we had a riot, he said "if i didn't have to get married, i would fly kites all day long" and he did, all afternoon he was flying our kites.

so the point of this post, one my early memories of my uncle mike is him coming over my parents house for fight nights, it was usually late on a saturday night and he always had his plastic bag with cokes in them. before he said hi to anyone he would put them in the freezer and we all knew they were his. this happened at any event at my parents house, christmas eve, birthdays, fight nights, whatever.

well...tonight i turned into my uncle mike! we celebrated my mother-in-"love"s birthday tonight and i brought my own cokes, i put them in the freezer and i realized what i did, and couldn't help but laugh!

i love you so much uncle mike and i can't wait to fly kites in cali with you!


Rachel said...

That was so much fun flying the kites.!. California is going to be amazing, and that will be fun flying the kites on the beach. I'm so excited now. =)

Gabe ♥ Hannah said...

oh my goodness nina... whata great post... and of course i have to add my 2cents ;)

uncle mike is one of the most fun loving goofy incredible people i know! he is always making everyone laugh and brings so much life to our family!

i love u uncle mike!

let's fly kites again soon!


Life with Linda said...

CHECK KERI"S MYSPACE>>>i didn't use my camera


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