Tuesday, July 1, 2008

i "cocoer"

so Madeline has mastered the art of coloring, and she is so stinking cute when she climbs on the kitchen chair and shouts "i cocer, i cocer, momma" so i race in and hand her her coloring book and crayons, but here is the funny part, out of the whole cup of crayons and i mane whole cup of 24 crayons, and 3 color pencils, she pulls out only reds and pinks, this includes red, carnation, violet red, red color pencil, and the 2 magenta color pencils, so skip to this morning...

"momma i cocer momma i cocer"
so i get everything out and as i am walking out of the kitchen she starts yelling "momma, cocer" and pointing at the shelf, and there sitting on the shelf is the carnation crayon, so i grab it and walk toward her
"say please madeline"
"ME" (that is please via madelines language)
as i am walking away...
"cake you momma"

YEAH she is getting it!


jessie said...

awwwww, I LOVE it when they say things wrong. I never corrected Kaylee when she'd mispronounce things... I just ate it all up, just treasuring each precious moment at each stage. Speaking of coloring, Kaylee still calls yellow, "lellow" and I nearly cry everytime because I know it's the last of the cute little mispronouncitions that she still has! Love every minute of "cocoering"; it will pass TOO SOON!!!

Rachel said...

She is too cute.!.

Gabe ♥ Hannah said...

aww that a cute lil story i'm reading it out loud to all the people at the dinner table ;)

Matt Bunk said...

Arrrrrrghh. You got to stop posting stuff like this. It makes me want to quit working for good and just stay home with you guys. She is the cutest thing in the world.


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