Wednesday, July 2, 2008


last night was the annual girgenti/bunk rochester fireworks extravaganza....
the night started with my parents picking me and maddy up and heading out to rochester for the fireworks, matt meets us out there since he works out there. we pick up pizza on our way and my parents usually bring a ton of snackies. we never actually go to the park where the fireworks are shot off, we go to an undisclosed location (i really can't tell you where it is other wise you will start joining us each year, and then it will get a little crowded) and sit and have our own little party. this year was diffrent than normal, because we have a toddler who LOVES to run, so the minue she got out of the truck she was climbing the "billy goat" hill (as my dad called it) and then sliding down on her butt, then repeated this ALL night long, needless to say i had lots of grass stains to get out today! it was a great night, once the fireworks started maddy sat with me and matt and watched and yelled "yeah", "whoa", "nana" and "papa"
so once again another fantastic evening out with my parents, can't wait for next year!


Patti Carollo said...

you guys r cutie~patooties!
i love fireworks~if i knew you were there i would've come by to say hi
happy 4th of july!

bigang4 said...

I laughed when you said you couldnt disclose the location you guys watch the fireworks from... it made me think of the year me, amber, matt ciarmitaro, and that jerk mark wiess went to the rochestor fireworks and we literally sat in a ditch next to a 7-11 to see them because there wasnt any room anywhere else! haha We would have loved to have known your "Secret" location that year!

Matt Bunk said...

uh oh. Ang is on to us. How did she know we watched them from our secret 7-11 ditch. Did you tell her? I thought you could keep a secret.

Gabe ♥ Hannah said...

i'm glad your lil family came over yesterday... she was too much of a cute thing with that frosting on her lil nose...xo


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