Wednesday, July 30, 2008

day 4: shake, rattle and roll

ok so NO, we didn't feel the earthquake! and yes the epicenter was like 40 miles from us!
here is our day in pics!

breakfast at the 101 diner, delicious!  maddy ate 2 eggs and 1/4 of my omelette!

playing on the beach with great-papa!!  he built the castles and she would jump on them!!

a girls work is never done!

daddy and madddy jumping waves

running in the waves

running back and forth to mommy and daddy until a wave took her down, then she was done!
all done at the beach, let's go home!
dinner at cheesecake factory, she was so happy, it was the best dinner

pictures can't even do this justice, she had a blast on the carousel, best moment of my trip!

this one is for patti!  i have to say i was little disappointed, i think i need a second try!

hanging in laguna


Kyle said...

I cant believe how her little roxy swim dress fits her now. In Florida is was almost to the ground! I have to go cry now.

Life with Linda said...

Didn't yout take Grandma Pat with pics of her???

jessie said...

Kaylee STILL loves the merry go round... so prepare yourself for many more rides. When we went to Michigan's Adventure we went on the merry go round at least 10x so she could get a different horse or animal each time.

The pictures are super-cute; you can tell Maddy was excited! You look pretty happy too!!! ; )


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