Monday, July 28, 2008

day 3: search and rescue!

day 3 started off mostly to completely cloudy and cold, but ended sunny and 70. we went to the beach in oceanside, the waves were bigger than yesterday, the boys (matt, tony, george & russell) drifted way down the beach, so far that i went and asked the lifeguard to rope them in! he thought i was crazy, but believe me they were out there!!! went to leucadia pizza for dinner all 21 of us, 6 salads, 5 pizzas, and 1 calamari later we were out of there. aunt karen wanted to get a nice group shot, but i had to lay the law down, she wasn't planning on posting to her blog anywhere in the near future, so you get to see my group photo.

ps lori all pics were taken by my professional photog, just in case you were wondering!

uncle mike was extremely unhappy dad ordered an extra pizza with anchovies!!



Patti Carollo said...

to be a Girgenti (or married to one) PRICELESS !

love you guys i can see your having a blast!

lori bunk said...

i LOVE seeing what you guys are doing everyday! this blogging thing is the best!

also, matthew alexander bunk is an amazing photographer... i am blessed to be related to him.

Becca said... wondering if you'll be adding "earthquake" to your list of activities???


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