Sunday, July 27, 2008

day 2

today we went to the beach after a very early wake-up call, courtesy of scarlett! did some grocery shopping and matt did a little 4 mile run, went to the beach around 11ish, it was a perfect day the sun was out, not a cloud in the sky and a great breeze!  the waves tore us up, at one point i had to grab tony's arm to hold me up,  i think total we were at the beach 4 hours, and i am very proud to say maddy's cheeks are just a little pink, which i can't say the same for me!  her and scarlett did so good at the beach, maddy likes yelling at the ocean to "STOP" and loves digging in the sand!  we did dinner in escondido and took the scenic route back to carlsbad (courtesy of dad) for coldstone's and a walk to the beach!  not too many pics, actually i didn't take any, all pics of today are courtesy of bree! alright, my internet is running to slow, i will upload pics later! 


lori bunk said...

i hope you guys are having so much fun! chris and i were looking at your pictures last night and were wishing we were on vacation too!

lori bunk said...

ok... so your comment about camping on the beach: not sure if it makes us sound adventurous or white trash... it does sound fun though!

Patti Carollo said...

still waiting for pics please!


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