Monday, July 14, 2008

copy cat

here is the dilly! i have a routine when checking sites.
3. anyone who has updated their blogs, lori has a little list that tells you who has.
4. so as i see my name get farther down the list i have to start thinking of something to write so i can get back up to the top of her list b/c...
5. then i check my site ( to see of my little friendsys who has updated!

so i am copying jessie's latest post, b/c
1. matt is working late, and i can't watch diners, drive-ins & dives with out him
2. i can't post the super cute video i took of madeline tickeling kate today till he gets home!

so my favorites a - z

A - apples
B - bunks (all of them!! my little family), breakfast at tiffany's
C - cash! computers (preferrably a macbook), the cure (preferrably anything from disintegration or wild mood swings), colasanti's in october! california
D - dogs, i love how excited they make madeline!
E - emails, even though most are junk, it like getting happy mail!
F - fireworks, finding neverland, fall (my favorite season)
H - huntington beach
I - ice cream
J - jeannine, my bestest friend in the whole world
K - kites, kids (but not too many), kitson (on robertson blvd.), kangaroos
L - louis vuitton, laughing (totally a weak answer sorry)
M - manicures (however i am too cheap to pay for them now!), motherhood! matt bunk <3

alright part 2 tomorrow!


We Love to Run! said...

Nina this post is soo amazing...I could almost hear you actually saying this as I was reading are the cutest cuzin really are an amazing women with everything you pull off and with the most amazing attitude ever, you


We Love to Run! said...

awww nina... cuter than cute post... i love reading your blogs....makes me jealous of all the fun you have in your life over on "utah" street! u r too cute! love you! (give that cute squish over there a big kiss for me!)


Life with Linda said...

you are hilarious

Patti Carollo said...

ok so this is the cutest blog ever~i will definitely be copying the "copy cat" soon!!! but tmr has come and gone and still no n-z yet? ~i'm waiting because your not allowed to not blog everyday k!!!
love you and lil miss sunshine too!

George said...

Hmmm. Didn't realize you were a dog lover. I guess I now have an idea of what to get my niece for her 2nd birthday...


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